Tuesday, November 27, 2007

October 2007 Survey Results

Junebug 1911164.14
Ghost World22101193.68
The Squid and the Whale41918103.69
Half Nelson2461973.66
You Can Count on Me 1111354.67


Very good. We've been attending for a long time.

I'm glad you present these! Would like more comedy.

Last 3 movies reflect poorly on the adult setting any kind of example. Such is life.

Keep on doin' what you doin'.

Unfortunately, I had already seen 3 out of 5 films.

How about running a series at the Mandan theater when it is completed!

Before I had access to Netflix & IFC, this was the only way I had to see independent movies. Even with these resources, you pick movies that I would miss otherwise. Keep up the great work (and bring in some anime!:)) Todd does a great job! I know at least one person who saw the last movie cuz of the review.

Maybe not 5 extremely serious and mostly depressing movies next time.

Great theme. These movies really go well together.

I can't say I loved this series, but it's good to see movies that we wouldn't ordinarily go to.

All were interesting and beautifully acted - but most were pretty heavy.

How about showing a sci-fi series or for next Halloween some cheesy movie like The Brain That Wouldn't Die?

I enjoyed this theme. The Oscar nomination info should have been included on each synopsis. Todd Ford is a very good reviewer. Keep it all going... This adds so much to our community.

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