Thursday, May 6, 2010

2010 Winter/Spring Survey Results

Anvil: the Story of Anvil97151873.13
Treeless Mountain281321173.70
This Film Is Not Yet Rated53627223.92
Encounters at the End of the World261024243.94
Hobson's Choice201011404.38
The Night of the Hunter441418193.75
Monty Python's Life of Brian59189153.36
Boys Don't Cry12622294.27
Dear Zachary02715374.43
The Class391819253.73

  • Too many documentaries.
  • More like Hobson's Choice. Rare old classics.
  • We just started coming and intend to join next Fall.
  • I don't much care for documentaries.
  • Love Cinema 100! It's so decadent to go to a movie @ 3:00 when everyone else is stuck in their offices. It's a way to say "I'm worth it." Thanks.
  • No subtitles please.
  • I'm most interested in foreign films.
  • Lots of kung fu classics.
  • Adaptations of interesting and eclectic books.
  • I am a documentary lover, so any & all docs.
  • More foreign films with adult content.
  • Do a series of films based on Shakespeare.
  • I wish you showed more films like Story of the Weeping Camel.
  • Some old comedies like Marx Brothers, Charlie Chaplin, and Abbott and Costello.
  • First time I did this and enjoyed it.

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