Thursday, May 6, 2010

2009 Winter/Spring Survey Results

Well, I got behind on posting survey results so I went on a number crunching binge last night. This is the first of three postings of results. To make things prettier than in the past, I'm posting a picture from the highest rated movie from each series. In the case of The Snow Walker, it is one of the most popular movies we've ever shown. A whopping 100 people gave it a top rating of 5.

An American in Paris271130374.07
Trouble the Water11171728103.11
My Winnipeg3411112082.49
The Sea Hawk241931213.84
The Counterfeiters01718614.60
Taxi to the Dark Side25523304.14
Man on Wire12620594.52
Frozen River12524634.54
The Red Shoes481923343.85
The Snow Walker003101004.86

  • Excellent series as always.
  • Too many documentaries. More vintage movies.
  • More anime!
  • I love foreign films. Less classics - I can see those on TV.
  • One film should push the edge and be unrated/NC-17.
  • Elvis movies. More classic vintage movies.
  • Do a series with the same director, maybe Hitchcock.
  • A good Bollywood! Monsoon Wedding - please!:)
  • '50s monster movies.
  • Don't be afraid to bring more non-English language. How about Fellini?
  • I liked the variety.

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