Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dear Zachary Clarification

My wife read my review of "Dear Zachary" this morning and commented, "You gave it all away by saying the guy is murdered by a 'fatal attraction.'"

She hasn't seen the movie yet, but I agree with her that I would've given everything away, if the suspense of the movie revolved around discovering who killed Andrew Bagby. But, that's far from the case. We know who killed him very early in the documentary and can easily guess during the first few minutes that Shirley Turner is a real life Alex Forrest.

No, the surprises I withheld from my review are far stranger and more haunting than a simple murder mystery.


Cat said...

We watched Dear Zachary last night, because of your review. There is still a plenty big shocker late in the movie that you didn't give away at all. Thanks for the recommend.

Dave said...

Accidentally just read your spoiler. This is a movie I've had on my list for awhile, but afraid to watch. I hear it is an exremely devastating film experience. Thanks for writing about it, I'll bump it up a few places in the queue.

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