Sunday, September 14, 2008

Winter/Spring 2008 Survey Results

The King of Kong471519223.72
The Lives of Others00211564.78
The Red Balloon/White Mane051827143.78
My Kid Could Paint That251827193.79
To Kill a Mockingbird23115434.47
4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days781722173.48


My first time to attend the series - Loved It!

Great diversity!

It's nice that you usually include an older film.

All good except the last. It should never have been shown.

Good series but would like more foreign films that have more depth - less kiddy movies.

Not into animated films but liked the rest.

I don't like subtitled films. Hard to keep up.

I would really enjoy some comedy. I need a good laugh.

Great series! Well done, nice varied selection.

Avoid animated.

Great movies except the last one which was pointless and awful.

I'm so glad we have this in Bismarck! I would like them to all be foreign films.

More animated films!

Animated ones were not at all enjoyable.

Great. Can't wait for next season. Cinema 100 has made my stay in Bismarck enjoyable.

I always enjoy these series - no matter the movie. A great way to be exposed to the good/bad of our world.

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